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News: Elections & Legislation
"Florida Election Fraud Again... who would have guessed?"
Scores of reports are accumulating in the early hours of the Florida Governor's race, indicating wide scale election fraud and election rigging. Callers are reporting to the popular Florida radio talk show, The Neil Rodgers Show that when they selected McBride, the Democrat, the machines instead registered a vote for Bush. Wide scale machine "breakdowns" reported throughout Democratic strongholds in Orange, Brevard and Seminole counties. Republican districts appear to be enjoying a speedy and efficient polling day.

The religious orders who control through their proxy intelligence agencies here in America have instituted completely computerized touch screen voting machines in many counties now - Severing once and for all the last remaining connection between a vote and any physical evidence of that vote. In the past, we at least had piles of real hard evidence in the form of physical ballots to fight over - now there is nothing. Just a US intelligence agency, CIA, to assure us that everything is all right and going as planned.

Physical ballots with all their chads and imperfections were at least a physical entity and so required considerably more effort and risk to alter. But now there is only a proprietary secret software program which no one except US intelligence can control which determines if the button you press registers a vote for the particular lying scumbag politician you selected or whether the machine, "Glitches," and places your vote, instead, for the lying scumbag politician you didn't select.

Since there has never been a computer system which has not been hacked, what makes us think that these systems cannot be hacked? And since we do not know the officers of the British based company who owns the American Based company who makes the machines, how do we know that they are beyond corruption? Seems we are learning each day that in fact more corporations than we previously imagined are involved in wide scale corruption, so why not the corporation who makes the polling machines?

Companies like these who get such huge government contracts are usually nothing more than CIA front companies set up for the sole purpose of achieving all their objectives, self financing objectives, political objectives, and others. We can, with near certain accuracy safely extrapolate that the political "beliefs" of the owners of Sequoia Voting Systems are firmly conservative. We challenge anyone to prove otherwise. (Nearly all persons who do over a hundred million dollars of government contracting are conservatives, its called, reality) So what makes anyone think that they would risk losing votes for the persons who are responsible for those massive inside contracts which made them wealthy beyond belief in the first place? (All government contracting is insider deals - regardless of whatever the illusions is, of safeguards in place to prevent such practices)

And since we have seen nearly universal corruption on every level in every corporation, what makes anyone think that Sequoia Voting Systems would be immune from such corruption?

It is far easier to move fraudulent computer coding in and out of these machines at the speed of light, to have it waiting one minute in a remote memory register of the machine, only to be instantly erased the moment some questions appear regarding an irregularity in the machine. What makes anyone think such deceptive computer code is not there? For example a deceptive program comprising only ten or twenty lines of code could be easily disguised as a computer glitch, which is not illegal (Glitches never are, and the dark force knows this) yet causes the votes for one candidate to instead register for another candidate. If questions arise doubting the integrity of the votes the machines could be designed to clandestinely erase all traces of the "Glitch" by simple pressing a defined series of keys which could clear out the eeprom (electrically erasable programmable read only memory) containing the malicious code and any evidence that such code ever existed would vanish forever, because they are made of electrons - not paper. And electrons conveniently leave ZERO trace of their existence unlike a paper ballot. Since there is ZERO scrutiny or testing of these machines, we will never know. Try to argue that in front of the Supreme Court - It's not going to happen because, as the world has witnessed - They are central players in the scam.

How can we be sure that these machines don't have such code lurking within? We cannot. Unless we demand that for such critical basic functions of a healthy society, such as vote counting there must be an OPEN STANDARD initiative established for vote counting machines and tallying technology - NOT PROPRIETARY SECRETIVE MECHANISMS OWNED BY SHADOWY CORPORATIONS WITH LINKS TO FOREIGN CORPORATIONS.

Avi Rubin, a technology security expert and researcher at AT&T Labs in New Jersey doubts the integrity of the new voting method. "These systems are largely untested." Critics decry the proprietary nature of the machines, pointing out that there is no public scrutiny of the machines allowed. Without scientists being able to freely analyze the systems, election officials may be leaving themselves open to the possibility of hacking, vote tampering or incorrect calculations.

No outside examination or auditing of the inner workings of the machines is permitted. Why? Isn't voting a public trust? Don't we have a right to know what is inside those machines? Now only a handful of "Specialists" can open up those machines and see what's going on inside.

Their goal was to break us of that last remaining connection to the real, and they have done so. And now we simply have another CIA controlled computer system in place where there is no longer a physical connection between the voter and his vote. You can bet that it's going to get worse. You will see miraculous and perplexing victories of hyper conservative candidates in critical districts which formally voted liberally.

And this time there won't be any recounts. Because there will be nothing to recount. Just a mere digit on a memory chip - Changeable, modifiable and completely UNVERIFIABLE. Just a mysterious number on a secret machine that they assure us works correctly.

This is a perfect example of the fabulous corruption which has gripped our nation. The thinking at the very core of this New World Order is a shrill shrieking fraud. To slowly and gradually take away everything we have, step by step, in such a way that nobody even remembers a time where we were free. We are not free. We are in a prison. Many Americans don't even realize that everything they used to have is gone.

It is a nightmare. It is a slap on the face to every thinking and alive person. In insult on the face of humanity. The New World Order must be stopped. That much is for certain. But who will be brave enough to step up and make the first move.

Soon we will witness conservatives all across the country, beating all odds and scoring major victories. Solidly liberal communities will suddenly have fundamentalist conservative leadership. And unless we stop them now, there will be no chance at ever escaping the prison that is on it's way to each and every American mind. And the Supreme court will simply back it all up, after all, "The machine doesn't lie."

Time to destroy the machine
Wake up
Stand up
Fight back
Every day and every way you can
Your life is at stake!


NOTE: If there is no public outcry to make those machines an OPEN STANDARD, then there should be no outcry once humankind falls into the hands of the darkest human force ever assembled... Stand up and fight this!
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Commentary: Elections & Legislation
Voter fraud is a strong charge to make, particularly when a reporter is not claiming to be an eye-witness, nor does s/he bother to cite verifiable sources for the charge. We all are painfully aware that elections in Florida have been nothing short of problematic in the recent past, but claiming outright fraud at polling locations is a direct affront to the volunteers and staffers who served their communities at the local level. My suggestion is that we take utmost care with regard to how we discuss problems and where we lay blame.

Furthermore, while touch-screen machines have proven to be a poor choice for Florida's counties and have shown to be "sticky" when voters attempt to make their selections, let's be careful about accuracy in reporting here. The Central Florida counties of Brevard and Seminole are hardly regarded as "Democratic strongholds," and even Orange County's largely Puerto Rican and African American voting bloc that makes the county often go Democratic is not large enough to swing an election, as would be, say, Miami-Dade or much of Duval.

And Sequoia Voting Systems is hardly the problem--the company has contracts with only 4 Florida counties (Hillsborough, Indian River, Palm Beach, and Pinellas), and has proven to make a superior product to the company that has outfitted 32 of Florida's 67 counties--Elections Systems and Software (ES&S).

A Nebraska-based company, ES&S knew how to play hardball to win $67 million in contracts. They offered what Leon County's Supervisor of Elections, Ion Sancho, has called a "kickback"--by offering a "rebate" that, in effect, pumps 1% of ES&S sales into Florida Association of Counties coffers. This is why, for example, the County Commission of Miami-Dade voted AGAINST the Supervisor of Elections' recommendation to use optical scanners (like Leon County). So that's how Florida has wound up with thoroughly shitty voting systems. Not the CIA, not the New World Order--just some dumb motherfuckers who see dollar signs and self-promotion, not the best interest of their constituents.

Anyway, let's talk about these important issues, but not fall off the deep end. Facts, not fictions, please--even when we are desperately looking for reasons to explain our profound disappointment.

Yours truly,
good soldier

Commentary: Elections & Legislation
I agree completely with your point of view.

I love my country, I fear my gov't.

D. Brummer