"committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year." 

- Walden O'Dell, (former) chief executive of Diebold Inc

Now your vote is the property of a private corporation - Great Summary  ... Can we trust the vote count?...deemed  a "trade secret," -- none of your business

Whistleblower inside crooked voting machine company

Who makes the vote-counting machines?... conflict of interest and potential for manipulation...Polling Fraud in Fla... Secretive mechanisms owned by shadowy corporations with links to foreign corporations...

Ending the doctrine of corporate personhood might help salvage some of our constitutional democracy...(No freedom to audit their processes)

Texas blueprint for the stolen election  Nearly 60,000 names were on the original lists, and more than a thousand predominantly minority and Democratic voters were wrongly removed from the rolls.  .... How does this tie into the Florida False Felon Voter Purge of 2000? The BSTF is a recurring strategy, but the felon purge has appeared only twice—in Texas, 1982—and in Florida, 1998–2000. Both events have one thing in common—Karl Rove.  

Glitch Wins by a Landslide  Great article... " ...in Cormal County, Texas, three Republican candidates won by exactly 18,181 votes apiece..."

Republicans Walk Out Of Federal Hearing On Voting Machines

Living in Never-Never Land     Democrats took  a Dive?

Election 2000