Please consider using "conservative" less
& "authoritarian" more

"Conservative " is a very misleading word It's broad misuse has supported the adoption of disastrous radical policies.

This word has a positive Connotation with respect to safety.


It is safer to use a conservative estimate.

Most would prefer to get on an airplane with a pilot who flies in a conservative manner.

Voting with our language is an untapped resource.



Some other Examples of Connotations:

scheme (negative) ------- plan (positive)

difficult (negative) ------- challenging (positive)
stingy (negative)  -------- economical (positive)
headstrong (negative) --- determined (positive)
nitpicking (negative) ----- meticulous (positive)
childish (negative) ------- childlike (positive)



Sane policy discussions become more likely when we are more mindful of our language by removing toxic expressions in our mental environment. 


The concepts of being safe and careful are very important to a sane public policy.  Help protect these concepts from being muddled in our language


Occupy our Language. Language is democratic.

The U.S. Electoral System is too skewed to the rich and powerful to be considered democratic. 

Voting with our language is an untapped resource.  

Linguistic Relativity

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Right vs. Left  is Over: Its Corporations vs. You



Financing a war of choice on a credit card  is the opposite of conservative.


Using Luntz & Rove's chosen lexicon is like Obama's failed "negotiating from the middle" on single payer healthcare. 


This word is:

  • an obstacle to clear thinking about public policy.

  • an obstacle to fairness in America

Why do the people on TV insist on referring to authoritarians as conservative when they are more accurately referred to as authoritarians or right-wingers, regressives, plutocrats, or something else that is somewhat accurate.


Digby makes a related point: "...People are subject to a barrage of information and stimulation and the lessons they take from things are highly manipulable. There's a reason that wealthy, ... plutocrats (who know just a little bit about PR and marketing) are spending billions to influence elections and create an alternative media to sell their ideology and discredit liberalism. Being passive in the face of that onslaught, pulling our punches, being unwilling to be unpleasant and confrontational in this environment is highly unlikely to even be noticed, much less appreciated...."