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You can have a powerful and positive impact by paying attention to language RockridgeNation


Lets clarify some confusing terms:


    Conservative (with respect to bush & co & their apologists / enablers)

they like the label, but they are instead  irresponsible & radical

What waking person would use the word Conservative

 to refer to the forces controlling the US Federal government

Pardon me, It's hard to think straight when you describe up as down or Bush as conservative.  Neo-Con, maybe

A  muddying term:  "War on Terrorism"?

Terrorism is a methodology.  or Terror can't surrender

Beware the form:  War on <blank>

.... especially when <blank>  isn't something that could ever surrender or lose. Another Perpetual war... "War on Drugs" (inanimate objects)

Clearer might be  "So-Called war on terror "


Isn't the political stance that is called "Pro Life" actually  "Pro Birth" 

It's crazy making to call so many those rushing others to war as "pro life"

Terms to use more often:

  • "cheap-labor right wingers"  (they are for cheaper labor, even the labor arbitrage of outsourcing)
    So called patriot act"       // many opportunities for synonyms of “so called”
  • "Betrayal of Trust"  (WMD, Nuk (alum tubes , uranium Africa, )….· 
  • We are angry, we don’t hate  (anger has a reason, hate can be dismissed as irrational)
  • bush Claims to believe Vs. believes... he could be lying (again!)

We / us: Be careful how they mush the distinctions of who is exploiting & exploited
“our soldiers in Iraq therefore our corporations take the money” = Huh? 2 different groups, they attempt to confuse with with whom they group themselves.

Isn't  social security privatization more like  piratization?

 "Tax relief"  Is taxation always a victimization?

.(think of "forces" as a nebulous set of agents (E prime)


Conspiracy Theories


Words to use more often:


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