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Time for a national spotlight on the media

The (often incorrectly called "liberal") New York Times:
  1. ClearChannel controls over 1,200 radio stations! - This would have been illegal--unthinkable 15 years ago.  But now that the corruption has finally reached absurdity... And now the corrupted FCC has done more to insure the airwaves are not used in the public interest. 
  2. The diversity of TV & Radio ownership has shrunk to almost nothing.  Thanks to lack of regulation, dropping of the fairness doctrine, etc.  This is a major reason why voices of dissent, are ignored.  Almost everything in popular media is controlled by 5 Companies.
  3. The TV news wasn't quite the propaganda arm of the administration when there was a fairness doctrine.
    1. Media Smell    
    2. Fairness Doctrine 
  4. Fair and Balanced? The President of Fox News, Roger Ailes, is the former chair of the Republican national Committee (RNC). Is he  also a Bush cousin? & among the highest level members of the cult church of scientology.
  5. The current Pravda-style reporting is shameful.
  6. NBC Chief: Liberals Don't Watch TV
  7. TakeBackTheMedia

"Quaint" & older examples of Corporate Censorship:

  1. Censorship of Nightline honoring American dead soldiers
  2. Disney attempts to censor film to please Bush family (and hide their deep Saudi ties)
  3. clearchannel vs. Howard Stern
  4. CNN, Fox and NBC all declined to sell airtime on their national networks for the Daisy ad, as well as other ads developed by the National Council of Churches and the Win Without War coalition. The Washington Post reported that NBC refused to air the Daisy ad because, according to NBC spokesperson Hillary Smith, "it pertained to a controversial issue that we prefer to handle in our news and public affairs programming."